Cryptic Afro Lady Tshirt; White

As part of our ‘Africa, the roots of many’ range, this ‘Cryptic Afro Lady’ has a lot to tell.

An Afro is natural growing hair which can be seen on people with an African heritage. Within this design you can see that from the root of the hair, different branches and elements are grown.

We are used to the term ‘Mama Africa’ referring to the ‘Mother’ Land, often associated with an older looking but strong lady who happily takes on the load of Africa; representing the many years of land and heritage.

Here, we have a modern spin on this; we have a young woman, easily and happily carrying and embracing the load of Africa with different masks, representing different countries and cultures as well as different musical notes and elements which often fuse and bring cultures together. The hope is that amidst all that is going on in Africa at the moment, differences can eventually be settled and Africa can be at peace and in Unity.

We have the Afro in the shape of an Elephant; who never forgets. We know there is a rich history of Kings, queens, knowledge and culture worth exploring; find your root and you’re almost there.

There is a lot more to this design, but that’s what makes it cryptic; enjoy the creativity within comfort.

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