#AVMOMT15 from 6th - 17th December 2015

The 'All I Need Is One Mic' Tour, London, December 2015 (#AVMOMT15)


AVMotion Clothing Presents The ‘All I Need is One Mic’ Tour for you; the musicians, poets, public speakers, comedians and of course the Audience.


“With a background in music and the creative and entertainment industry, I know how important it is to be provided with showcasing and networking opportunities,” says Tunde W, Founder, Creative Director & Project Manager.  “As someone who is up-coming in their field, it may be hard to get opportunities if you don’t have money for marketing or a huge back-catalogue, experience and success. Promoters / event organisers are usually looking for acts that are relatively known in order to draw in a crowd – the standard catch 22 for upcoming acts. However, there is a way out - #AVMOMT15. Our events are relatively intimate, making it easier for people to engage and network effectively. Engagement and interaction is important. Furthermore, with the continuous development of technology and ease at which musicians, public speakers, poets, comedians & more can now release audio (onto the internet), it is easy for consumers to get overwhelmed or simply just miss out on really good talent by listening only to what makes it out commercially, so this is also your opportunity to explore and enjoy”.


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